Hello! My name is Laura. I am a Banker turned Nutritionist turned stay-at-home mom to two young children. After working in fields that stimulated my analytical and scientific abilities, I have come full circle back to the creative side I’ve always had.

My blog, “Taste Abounds”, is where I plan to share what I think about and do every day, which is to find budget friendly ways to satisfy my craving for taste. I like my food to be delicious, cocktails to taste good, home to be beautiful and clothes to be fashionable. Despite challenges like food intolerances, a nutritious diet or limited budget, I relish in finding creative ways to satisfy my craving for taste.

I enjoy bargain shopping and making things, both as a way to save money and as a way to create things that are unique. I’ve made everything from clothes and pillows to baby carriers and carseat canopies. I’ve transformed pallets into furniture and old quilts into comfy reading cushions and dog beds. I regularly cook meals that are free of gluten, egg, and other allergens, and I bake goodies that nobody has to feel guilty about eating. I do all of it while enjoying fantastic, budget-friendly wines and low-sugar cocktails. If you crave taste, it is my hope that you can find something to satisfy it here!

I’m so excited to share my ideas with you, and I hope to hear your comments or questions. Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy my blog!