Let’s face it, switching to a healthier or allergy-friendly way of eating can be overwhelming! But just like painting a house is easier with a paint brush and roller, preparing nutritious, allergy-friendly food is easier with the right tools. It’s also more affordable if you know where to shop and what to buy.

I’ve been preparing nutritious meals that are friendly to special diets for a long time, and I’ve learned a lot along the way. This is where I will share what I’ve learned about where to shop, what to buy, and what tools are essential for preparing nutritious meals that gluten-free, grain-free and low-glycemic, but also often dairy-free, Paleo, vegan, low carb and Whole30 compliant.

It’s my hope that these articles and recommendations save you the hours, days, weeks or years you otherwise might have spent learning all that I share with you here. I also hope that this information helps you feel confident about preparing nutritious, allergy-friendly food. You can afford it and you can make time for it. With this information, buying and preparing nutritious food is doable!

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Where to Shop & What to Buy

Tools to Make the Job Easier